Saturday, December 6, 2014

*Review* Mini Cottage + Decor Kit

I can't wait to share this project resource. You have seen my foam board houses in the past. I also own three pre-assembled structures from kits, but I prefer foam board because it's lightweight and easy to work with. Tate Museum Online has two easy to make patterns for a Mini Cottage. They are perfectly sized for AG and OG mini dolls.

The patterns have VERY detailed instructions, with measurements provided and even furniture projects are included. You can make both the mannequin and ballet barre pictured here for Isabelle. The instructions give you two material options to work with: 13/16" thick craft board or 1/4" craft wood. Both are light weight and easy to cut.

How cute is this?? 
Instructions are also included on how to make the closet and all of the furniture seen above. I know from experience how difficult it is to find the right scale furniture for the minis, now you don't have to worry or shop all over to furnish your house. You can make as many pieces of furniture as needed, everything has been laid out for you in an easy format.

This structure is roughly the same size as Snickerdoodle Street Bakery, but I like it better  because it doesn't have an upper floor. This visually opens up the space. 

I can think of several amazing and fun structures to create using these patterned kits.
  • Bakery for GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas
  • Restaurant or 1950s diner for the OGs
  • School 
  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Dress shop   
  • General store
  • Library
  • Toy store

*ADULT SUPERVISION required when cutting the pattern pieces out and with use of an exacto knife. 

 Once all the pieces are ready to go, children ages 8+ can assemble and build their own mini doll house! What an amazing feeling of accomplishment for young children, and they can decorate their house any way they like. Color can be incorporated using paint and pattern by using scrapbook paper.

Great affordable gift for the Holidays or birthdays! 
Order your kit and begin building today!

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