Friday, December 26, 2014

*Opening* BEFOREVER Mini Doll Julie

To me she has a softer, prettier face than the classic AG version.

I dislike the peace sign on the t-shirt and don't understand the purple Dr. Scholls. The paperback book is smaller, thinner and without illustrations BOO!

Her hair is REALLY long! It's equal to the 18" version of Julie, soft and manageable.

I put her in a dress that fits Little Orphan Annie, who is a thinner doll, and it fit just fine.

Julie is a cute doll! 


  1. She looks adorable in the Orphan Annie dress. I like her better with every photo I see. I think if she comes to live at my house, she's going to be Julie's sister Tracy. Where did you get the dress and belt in the last photo? If you don't mind my asking. I really like the print.

    1. The last photo of Julie in the black multi-color dress: I got this outfit from Moxie Girlz on clearance at TRU. I think I tried to put Saige it in, but it looked "dated" so it seemed perfect for Julie :-)

  2. I just got the classic Julie mini when she was on sale for under $10. Not sure which I like better. I wish she had some cool boots like Ivy, or even clogs. I am not a fan of either pair of sandals. I love her little vest. Thanks for sharing.