Tuesday, January 6, 2015

*REVIEW* Mini GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas

I was so surprised (and blessed) when I discovered that dear sweet friends of mine, Jenna and her daughter Mollie, gifted mini Grace to me and had her shipped directly to Snickerdoodle Street! Thank you girls so much for the wonderful gift of mini Grace. ((hugs))

Let me say mini Grace is adorable! Her hair is lush and shiny with a cute teeny tiny braid!!.

The outfit is super duper cute, and the boots are my favorite part!! Her freckles are similar to Saige's and those eyes are bright and blue!

Here's a look at the new colored box.

I will be making over the bakery permanently and hope to have it completely done by Valentine's Day. The upper level will become her bedroom, and I'll give the interior and exterior new paint. Luckily the roof is already gray so that saved a step.

Welcome Grace to Snickerdoodle Street.
Thank you Jenna and Mollie!!

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