Monday, February 9, 2015

Mini GOTY Grace - New Clothes

Stay close all week for updates on Grace and other mini news!

Sewing for minis can be (and is for me) frustrating! I did manage to make Grace her own mini beret.

I believe Grace's City Outfit is so popular because of the LOVE sweater and cute shorts.  I made my own version along with a black beret for Grace to wear this Valentine's Day.

It's not up to Auntie Robin's standards, but Grace is enjoying wearing it.

You can find a template for mini bakery boxes 



  1. Cuteness!!! Is there any difference, do you think, in making clothes for the dolls with soft bodies and the dolls with hard bodies?

    1. YES! Good question. The vinyl dolls are slimmer and the clothes lay flat across the torso. It's possible to get puckering on the cloth bodies. Newer minis are easier to dress.

  2. I love making mini clothes! I like Grace's clothing collection so much that I'm tempted to buy a mini Grace just so I can make them. Or maybe I'll borrow mini Molly (who is dressed up as Molly's doll Katharine) and make Molly a new Katharine so I can dress up mini Molly as Grace.