Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

Mini Christmas Ideas

I'm always looking for unique and interesting props for my minis. Now that the holidays are here, I hope to post several great holiday ideas for your minis.

The Dollar Tree has mini trees by Cobblestone Corners. Indoor and outdoor trees.

Big Lots had this acrylic (musical) sleigh - perfect for minis.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

*Kit Confronts the Girls*

"Samantha! Molly!!" Kit yelled from the stairs.
"What on earth?" Samantha came down the stars to meet Kit. "What's wrong? Why all of the shouting?"
"Where's Molly?" Kit asked looking around.
"I'm here." Molly said.
"Alright, I would like an explanation. Why didn't either of you tell me Nurse Katherine would be staying here in our house?" Kit asked.
"I didn't know it would be of any great concern Kit. She is staying with me in my room." Molly replied.
"You don't have any space in your room for another person. How are the two of you going to manage?" Kit was confused.
"There's plenty of room when the cot is rolled up." Samantha explained.
"Yes. I moved the desk over in the center so Katherine could sleep in front of the door on that side." Molly described the set up.
Kit rolled her eyes. "Well I feel ridiculous meeting Katherine at the Bakery when I could have gone down stairs to YOUR room!" Kit turned on her heels and climbed the stairs to type out her interview.
"That girl is always looking for a news story, how did she manage to miss one right under her nose?" asked Samantha.
"Or under her own room." Molly giggled.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

*Kit Interviews Nurse Katherine*

Kit was eager to keep her appointment with Nurse Katherine.  

She was sure that all in Liberty Towne needed to know there was a real R.N. living among it's residents.

Nurse Katherine wasn't dressed in her Nurses uniform this time. She was dressed in what Kit thought "Mary Poppins" attire.

"Thank you for meeting me Katherine." Kit smiled.

"Thank you Kit for asking me to be a part of your newspaper." She replied.

" I have several questions here I'd like to just go down the list if that's alright." Kit explained.
"Of course."

Q: "What made you want to become a Nurse?"
A: "As a child I was always putting bandages on my dolls and nursing the baby dolls back to health."

Q: "How long have you been a Nurse?"
A: "Oh my since 1944."

Q: "What caused you to move to Liberty Towne? We didn't know you were moving here."
A: "Well it's simple, Molly asked me to move here and be close by."

Q: "Can you or have you ever treated an injured animal?"
A: "I can and have, though I'm not particularly fond of it. Fleas, barks, scratches, potential bites, people are far easier to treat than animals."

Q: "Where will you be living here in town?"
A: "For now I am rooming with Molly until my clinic is complete."

'With Molly?' Kit thought - 'that's in MY HOUSE!'

After Kit had finished her interview, her curiosity sparked again! 'A CLINIC' she thought. 'Wow I have got to cover that story.'

"Thank you Katherine, those are all of the questions I have for now. I would like to do a story on the opening of your clinic. Do you know when that will be?"

"No I'm afraid I do not. I will let you know as soon as I get word."

Get word! Kit knew she would know the same time Katherine did if she was 
S T A Y I N G 
in the same house! And why didn't Samantha or Molly tell her Katherine was going to stay in the house???

-to be continued....

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My DIY Hand Painted Kirsten Furniture

These mini furniture pieces are not "perfect", but I thought I would give it a try.

When these are dry they will go inside Kirsten's room in the doll house.

She can store her award merits and books inside the small trunk.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Middie Furniture - Barbie, Blythe

In a previous POST I showed you how to make sofa, loveseat and chairs for your minis/ middies.

This was the loveseat I made for the Blythe house. Barbie or Monster High dolls can easily rest on this size middie furniture. 

 Here is another POST on parson style dining chairs.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Furniture Props

You may want to use these for props in photos or to furnish your doll house.