Monday, September 22, 2014

Mini Dolls by Brand - 7" Rock Flower Dolls 1970s

Mattel Rock Flower dolls are 6.5" - 7" tall with bendable bodies, rooted hair and panted faces.



Rock Flower dolls are similar to Topper Toys Dawn dolls and were certainly her competitors, both sets of dolls can share each others clothing, as they are about the same size and shape. 


Rock Flower dolls were sold with a 45 rpm record with two "bubblegum" type songs.

Rock Flower doll clothing is colorful 1970s style with lots of bold prints and flowers.  Also came with sunglasses and matching shoes.  Dolls were; Heather (long blonde hair), Lilac (light brown hair), Rosemary (black hair, a black doll), Iris and Doug.  In 1974 Mattel discontinued the dolls the remainder of which were sold without shoes or sunglasses. Mattel 1970 Hong Hong.


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Now we're talking! I have a whole set of these dolls, (w/ some doubles), as well as some outfits, and 2 cases (one is a stage playset). I had Rosemary as a kid, (she was my Dawn doll's friend). Unlike Dawn, Rock Flowers have wire frame bodies that allow them to pose many different ways on top of the record, (which is 45 sized, but really 33 & 1/3). The girls feet are a little wider than Dawn dolls, so they can't share shoes. And since Dawn's legs are thinner, she can't fit in the record stand (I've tried!). Three of the dolls share one song on one side of the record, plus their own song on the other side. Doug and Iris share a different song on their records as the came out later, w/ their own song on the other side. The songs on the records are as follows:
    Lilac, Rosemary and Heather: "Sweet Times" (one side of record)
    Lilac (Yellow record): "Good Company"
    Heather (Orange record): "Sing My Song"
    Rosemary (purple record): "Mixin' Matchin' Day"
    Doug and Iris: "3 To Get Ready" (one side of record)
    Doug (Green record): "I Just Wanna Make You Dance"
    Iris (Pink record): "Your Music 'N' My Music"