Thursday, January 1, 2015

GOTY 2015 Grace's Mini La Patisserie

I made a few changes to the bakery in honor of Grace. Currently the upper level is storage, but may become Grace's bedroom.

I "papered" the walls in bright aqua and used white furniture pieces.

I added a sink and an oven; the backdrop is Chelsea's.

The display table serves as an island and is LOADED with goodies. You can begin making mini Grace some food items too!
Fruit pies
Bakery hutch
Birthday cake

There are more treats on the side table and a wedding cake is prominently displayed in the corner by the window.

I didn't want to paint the trim or the door red because this is a revamped version of Snickerdoodle Street Bakery. I may decide to go through with a complete makeover at a later date.

Chelsea and Madison stop by the Bakery to see if they can get a glimpse inside.

 "Oh no, she's not in there!"

"What do you think she looks like?" Asks Madison.

 "I heard she has dark hair like you."

 "What can you see??? Anything? Anybody?" Kit asks.

"No, just lots of food." Ruthie replies. "She's been busy baking."

"I'll bet she's upstairs. I was hoping for an interview!" 


  1. Amazing job on the bakery! So well done :)

    1. Thank you! I'm considering making it permanent and making over the exterior too!